Top Shed Foundation Solutions

8 Types of Shed Foundation to Give Your Shed a Solid Base There isn’t such a thing as a ‘one size fits all’ shed foundation. There is such a variation in size of shed, usage of sheds and also variation in the ground itself that you will need to make some sort of judgement based […]

Custom Built Sheds Radio Ad

We’re on the radio! Have a second to listen to your favorite provider of custom built sheds in the New England area? Give our ad a listen and let us know what you think!

The Topsfield Fair 2017!

Join Ponderosa Pines Wood Products at The Topsfield Fair from Sept 29- October 09 of 2017! There, you’ll be able to view a shed in-person, and learn more about our pricing and features!

How to Repaint Your Shed in 5 Simple Steps

Pressure Washer Shed Cleaning

Though a shed in your backyard is simply a place where you can store tools and other items that you use for your garden or home exterior, it can still greatly affect the overall look of your home. You don’t want a shabby-looking shed in your perfectly landscaped garden, of course. Now, the good news […]

Why a Custom Wood Shed is Best for New England Weather


A wood shed is much better for storage especially in a place such as New England. New England winters can be quite harsh and normally receive a great deal of snow and ice throughout the winter months. With other, lower quality sheds you run the risk of damage to the shed as well as the […]

Why Custom Wood Sheds are a Better Investment Than Pop-Up Sheds


If you are looking to add a shed to your backyard there are many options to consider including the cheap pop up sheds you can buy at any home garden store to high quality wood or metal sheds. While the right choice will depend on many factors including your budget, home location, and intended usage […]

Bring the Farm to Your Backyard with a Custom Chicken Coop

Bring the Farm to Your Backyard with a Custom Chicken Coop

Having the option of fresh farm eggs conveniently located in your backyard is one of the best ways to start each morning. The only way to get this, however, is if you raise and house your own chickens. Having them loose out in the backyard can leave them exposed to the elements and harsh seasons […]

Create the Perfect Guest House with Ponderosa Pines

Create the Perfect Guest House with Ponderosa Pines

Getting out in the woods and staying in a cabin brings your family together and a chance to bond in a cozy environment. It could be nice to get that feeling anytime you want without having to drive out in the middle of nowhere. With our custom outback cabin, you will get the setting of […]

3 Reasons to get a Custom Built Shed

3 Reasons to get a Custom Built Shed

Building a custom shed can be one of the most beneficial investments you can make. Not only does it increase the value of your property, but it can also be a useful tool for storage and customized to fit your everyday needs. Check out these three reasons to own a custom build shed from Ponderosa […]