Chicken Coops

Chicken Coops

Everyone knows that you cannot beat a farm fresh eggs for protein and taste. Living conditions have a dramatic effect on how well birds lay their eggs.

Clean and comfortable housing is one of the most important factors in the whole process. We have generations of farming knowledge from chickens to goats and horses. I am confident that we can find a solution to all of your farming needs small or large. Call us for more information.

Our coops are designed for easy access for cleaning, feeding, watering, and egg collecting.

Standard Features

  • Roof: 6/12 roof pitch (similar to a Ranch style house)
  • Windows: stationary divided light window (1 for 6×8-8×10 2 for 8×12 and larger)
  • Roofing: 30 year arch. asphalt shingles
  • Siding: pine clapboard front board and batten sides and rear
  • Flooring: 1 inch roof and floor boards (not plywood)
  • Support: 2×6 floor joists w/4×4 pine timber runners
  • Ramp: Easy access 4′ 2×6
  • Framework: Post & beam
  • Ventilation: 2-12×12 wooden louver vents (sizes 8×8 and larger)
  • Hardware: We use heavy-duty 6 inch T Hinges on all of our sheds.

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