site preparation


While preparing your shed site to ensure that you have a solid and level foundation for your custom shed, these are the things you should be looking for to make sure that every aspect of the location is ready:

1. Shed site should have less than a 6″ grade . This is preferred, but does not mean we can not still build your custom shed.

2. We need a 3 foot working area around the perimeter of the size of your shed. Example: a 12 x 16 shed, we would need an area of 18 x 22.

3. If you want to put a gravel base down, that is fine, but not necessary for our shed delivery.

We ask you to not make any modifications one week prior to the construction of your Ponderosa Pines Wood shed. This will allow enough time for the site to settle in place and create a solid foundation for the project.

**Getting all the Permits in Order

Check with your town, consumer is responsible for obtaining a building permit. The consumer is the general contractor on the job and must know local zoning laws. Ponderosa Pines Wood Products is not responsible for any violations that may occur in the result of the homeowner not abiding by the local and state laws.

**If work is stopped due to consumer error, resulting in us packing up and going home (I.E. No building permit, the site was not prepared per contract – and there is no viable place to install the shed), there is an $800 fee once everything is straightened out, to finish the building of your shed. Of course, us at Ponderosa Pines Wood Products would like to avoid any unnecessary fees with any building of our products, and prefer a smooth delivery process.**